Value through big data

About Dataproces

Optimization through automation in large-scale organizations

Dataproces handles, analyzes, verifies and enriches data regardless volume, velocity and variety - in Denmark as well as abroad. The mission is to streamline administrative workflows and digital infrastructures by making sense of data existing across the large number of disassociated software systems.

Dataproces originates in Denmark, and today the company is a Big Data frontrunner in the home country, regarding public sector information and workflows.

Optimizing via data is not a Danish prerogative. The technologies behind Operations Optimization are also relevant and useful internationally since they support, facilitate and qualify the administrative workflows and digital infrastructures in large-scale organizations in general.

The key to Operations Optimization is automation. Through automation, discrepancies resulting in the software systems not being able to handle outlier cases, as well as human errors will be minimized.